Demo software the star of our redesigned website

When our clients told us that they wanted to be able to access their text mining results via our website, it got us thinking. It was time for a web redesign in general (no great surprise given websites go out of date pretty quickly) but, more than that, our old website didn’t facilitate the new way we deliver our products and services.

It was very jargon-heavy, too. Yes, we’re a high-tech company but ultimately we’re all about making the process of trawling vast amounts of information as simple and efficient as possible for our clients.

It was time our website reflected all of this.

I took a look at various websites and was particularly inspired by what marketing agency NIMA had done with their own site. It was beautifully simple. So I sat with Mark and Nicky from NIMA under the amazing rocket in the Hiscox Business Club and briefed them with the task of stripping back our website and making our brand new Text Mining Application the star of the show.

A pretty inspirational space to discuss our website!

We think NIMA did a brilliant job. Our clients can now access and analyse their results via our feature-rich web application including secure log in, search over text, results filtering, clickable links to documents and downloadable features.

Play around with our demo.

Of course, there’s nothing like discovering this application for yourself. So we’ve set up a demo where you can explore the software – all you need to do is complete our simple contact form and we’ll grant you access. 

We’d love to know what you think of our website now. And we’d particularly like to hear your thoughts on the demo page. So please contact us and let us know!