Identifying value in information.

Text Mining Solutions provide an award winning, high quality and reliable service solving business and academic information extraction problems.

Put simply, text mining is a highly effective means of analysing text, wherever it is published, to discover and extract information of value to your business. We use our expertise to unlock high value insights and efficiency gains from archived or live text sources, working with your existing business systems.

We use text mining to help our clients with:

  • Product optimization and market customization
  • Account development and benchmarking activities including competitor analysis
  • Partnership, innovation and investment decisions
  • Providing accurate business intelligence
  • Reviewing on-line social media strategies for increased NPS and brand awareness
  • Carry out robust risk analysis on new business ventures
  • Maintain awareness of regulatory and policy drivers impacting on their business​

Text Mining Solutions: An Introduction

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Text Mining Applications

What we build matters greatly to us since our products and solutions will reach our clients around the world and affect how they do business – including Financial institutions moving trillions of dollars a day using contract discovery and analytics to manage risk; publishers like Randall-Reilly automating text data extraction and manipulation for efficiency gains and helping global brands such as Body Shop and Edwards Vacuum identify actionable customer insights within unstructured text ensuring they stay ahead of the game.

TMS Text Mining Application

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Typically our solutions have multi-sector applicability, suitable for most businesses, academic and science institutes, professionals and anybody with an unfulfilled information extraction requirement. Our clients’ interests include data services, contract management, health economics, product registration, research & development and world class manufacturing solutions.