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What are your competitors up to? Is it worth going to that conference? Do you already have the data for that urgent report? Discover how effective data insight can transform your organisation.

Harness the power of Twitter

Check out how we distil 80,000+ tweets a day into useable information in our demos.

Beyond the first page of Google

Although a useful tool, Google only shows results from a small percentage of the internet. Keyword searching also misses out on important alternative words. Would you have known printed electronics is a huge topic in smart packaging?

Are you sitting on an information gold mine?

We can quickly delve through thousands of your technical manuals, call centre records and more to deliver the nuggets of data you need. Read more about our solutions.

Text Mining Solutions: An Introduction

(Our very handy video)

Quickly identify relevant information

What types of businesses can use personalised data visualization? What’s our pricing structure? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why choose Text Mining Solutions

We build data products to transform how our clients on three continents do business. And all from helping out a fizzy drink giant. Uncover our full story in About.


Typically our solutions have multi-sector applicability, suitable for most businesses, academic and science institutes, professionals and anybody with an unfulfilled information extraction requirement. Our clients’ interests include data services, contract management, health economics, product registration, research & development and world class manufacturing solutions.