What is text mining?

Text mining describe the process of computer technology finding information hidden in electronic sources.

Humans scan through a newspaper to pick out key facts and opinions. Our process does the same, using computer coding based on rules and algorithms.

Can’t I just Google it?

You could, but you will only be getting a snapshot as Google only looks through a small percentage of the internet. This may not be everything on the subject you’re looking for.

Crucially Google does not read the content of every web page but relies on meta data for indexing. Their web searching robots that scour the web sometimes only pick the lead pages of a website, rather than the whole document.

Also are you sure your competitors or sector are using the same search terms as you? For example in smart packaging would you know to look for the term ‘printed electronics’ too?

Is text mining the same as data mining?

Not quite. Data mining extracts numbers and values. Text mining finds words and phrases. Both use similar methods of analysis to pick out patterns and zoom in on new information. Our processes have even been described as text data mining.

The data can tell you the ‘What’ of what is working or not working. But it’s the written text that tells you the ‘Why’.

What else is text mining known as?

Other ways to describe what we do include Natural Language Processing (NLP) or:

  • machine learning
  • parsing
  • ontologies
  • text analytics
  • computational linguistics
  • big data
  • deep learning
  • artificial intelligence (AI)

Our software is the digital version of a data research assistant.

What kind of businesses use text mining?

Almost everybody! We’ve helped pharmaceutical firms, lawyers, information scientists, retail and engineering.

If you need to read through a daunting number of documents to find key information, text mining can help. It helps take the chore out of manual information extraction. Take a look at other benefits for your organisation.

What is a personalised internal business data dashboard?

This web-based software is the end product of all the data you asked us to process. Internal business data can include call centre records, emails and health and safety reports. We distil these into whatever you need, be that pie charts or Top 10 lists.

What’s the pricing structure?

We tailor every dashboard to what our customer needs. So you aren’t paying for features you don’t use.

First we create the product, then build a dashboard, populate it and then supply it to you for as long as you wish.

This can be Pay As You Go at the beginning. You can then migrate to a fixed rate. Contact us for more details.

What countries do you sell to?

We work with clients across the world, from USA to Sweden, UK to New Zealand.

Can I look at some demos of your product?

Take a look at our online Twitter mining demos, from sectors including fintech and medical science.

Have you a more in-depth demo?

If you want to test drive a more detailed demo, we can grant you access. Just complete our simple contact form.