Get into the VIP room of Twitter

Twitter is a pretty crowded party. You know there’s someone in the room you really want to speak to if you can just elbow your way through.

Our solutions shut out the clutter. They give you access to the calm of a VIP room. At one glance you can see key business insights, headlines and identify key influencers.

The Transformational Innovation Process

Developed, Tested and Validated by Senior Business and Innovation Executives.

The first 5 steps of our tested and validated process enable a company to rapidly identify and define the Transformation Axes disrupting the industry it serves.

Continuously captures all information, including sentiment, relevant to these Transformation Axes in real time, assuring your competitive advantage.

Allows all Team Members to make timely, informed decisions regarding Purpose, Strategy, Innovation on all Major Projects.

What our personalised big data dashboards do

We drill down through an overwhelming mass of information to unearth real gems.

Inside your business

  • Emails
  • Hazard data sheets
  • Technical manuals
  • CVs
  • Health and safety reports
  • Insurance policies
  • Customer call centre records
  • Customer feedback reports

In social media and the internet

  • Twitter – tweets are single, standalone pieces of information
  • Web pages

Past and present

  • Archived data sources
  • Live text sources

Scientific community

  • Abstracts
  • Publications
  • Student theses
  • Chapters from books
  • Patents

Get the edge over your competitors

Take a look at our solutions or just get in contact for a confidential discussion to learn how we can help you improve your business or academic environment.