TMS launches our new web based results UI.

Are you ready to get more from the wealth of information contained within your business and beyond? It’s time to start driving knowledge discovery. To illustrate this shift from keyword searching over content to acquiring knowledge buried deep within it we have developed a process that automatically extracts the information you are looking for and presents this to you via a simple to use website.

The process is straightforward and begins by applying text mining techniques to the collection of documents of interest. These can be scientific abstracts, your own company documents, web pages, patents, customer survey results, or social media feeds to give a few examples. This is of greatest value where the number of documents to be read is far more than a human reader can process themselves.

Having extracted the important information the results are made available to you through a customised web interface as shown.

Application Features

  • Secure Log In
  • Customised Banner, Logo and link to your web site
  • Clear presentation of results in row format
  • Clickable link to source document
  • Search over text
  • Results filters
  • Rank ordering of results
  • Comparison of selected results
  • Results export and download in multi-formats
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Typically our solutions have multi-sector applicability, suitable for most businesses, academic and science institutes, professionals and anybody with an unfulfilled information extraction requirement.

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