Text Mining Solutions – 5 Years Old!

Touched by the surprising number of likes and best wishes on LinkedIn for our recent 5th anniversary I wanted to respond with a short note explaining how we got here, mention a few decent people who helped us out along the way and share some experiences to help others following the same path.

Doubtless a great deal of success comes from good judgment, deciding what to do and what not to do, not all work is good work, deciding when to spend and when to save, and a business model that puts text mining at the heart of what we do allowing professionals in HR, accounts, web design etc., to take care of none core business and other special projects. This has worked well for us but the job still has to be done exceptionally well to keep a foothold in market and retain our clients, something we understand very well indeed and never take for granted.

We have come a long way since forming the company in 2011, we are on our 4th generation website thanks to NIMA and graphicdesignyork and have occupied 4 different offices at the UoY Science Park during this period, growing and contracting in tune with the workload at the time. It’s not for everybody, long days and nights, big sacrifices, uncertainty in abundance, and very much subject to macroeconomic events but after 5 years and everything to lose we are here to stay. We love our work and are passionate about serving our customers some of whom have been with us throughout this journey, including some of the fastest growing start-ups and well established global brands to innovators with great ideas looking for their own route to market.

It has been hard work and hugely enjoyable and we are looking forward to the next 5 years but before then we must make special mention of those who helped nurture TMS and whose enthusiasm undoubtedly made it the great experience it has been, Kevin, Linda, Sara, Edward, Steph, Daniel, Livvy, Savitri, Lesley, Paul, Kim, Diana, Ian, Julie, Da, David, Jac, Mark, Brian, Doug, and so many more. A big thank you to everybody who took the trouble to like our anniversary on LinkedIn, it means a lot to us. We really do appreciate your support and with a good product delivered to people who need it in a professional way you too could be running your own business before you know it!

Here’s to the next 5 years.

Steve – 18 October 2017