Bridging the gap

We bridge the gap between bespoke text mining tools and the day-to-day information extraction needs of people in business and universities. Our flexible solutions offer fresh results every day with the minimum of training.

A step up from keyword searching

Ready to get more from the wealth of information contained within your business and beyond? Text mining is an incredibly powerful technology. Rather than simply searching for the search term itself, it retrieves the context in which the search term is being used.

How the process works

Our text or NLP Twitter mining dashboards can show you the big picture. Or allow you to search at a more granular level.

Step 1

You talk to us about what you need, what information you’d like to be searched and how you would like it to be presented.

Would you prefer a one-off report or an on-going service of updates and data visualisation? Pie charts to bar charts? Or a more traditional table of results?

Step 2

We collect the material to be mined. This can range from online scientific papers to call centre records.

Step 3

We write the rules for the analysis and annotation of text. These are benchmarked before we apply them to the full dataset. We can also add machine learning and pattern matching techniques before processing the text data.

Step 4

Our process automatically extracts the information you’re looking for more quickly than any human reader.

Step 5

You see the results in our simple website dashboard.

Just the facts, tailored to what you need

Some of the big data options out there can be overwhelming, needing time to be invested in training. We give you what you want in an easily accessible format.

Clear results

  • Results clearly presented in row format
  • Results filters
  • Rank ordering of results
  • Comparison of selected results
  • Results can be downloaded or exported in many different formats

Our dashboards are perfect for slides, presentations and presenting marcomms information to customers and journalists.

Secure, searchable and quick

  • Clickable links to source document, tweet or website
  • Search over text
  • Secure log in
  • Customised banner, logo and link to your website

Works whatever your industry

Our clients include data services, contract management, health economics, leading academics and world-class manufacturers.

From engineering…

A North American precision engineering company wanted to protect themselves from the impact of unforeseen innovation and competition.

We worked together to define the search parameters and outputs. We then processed millions of web pages to generate a weekly news bulletin.

… to pharmaceutical firms

A pharmaceutical drugs manufacturer wanted to find out what patients really thought and felt about the side effects of their drugs.

We extracted words and phrases within online patient forums to uncover key findings buried deep. This worked for rare diseases too, which are notoriously difficult to find data for.

In a similar project, we were able to feed back the burdens that patients with liver disease were reporting.

… to pesticides

One of our clients needed to register a pesticide. To do this they needed to produce an agrichemical review looking at toxicity and residues that might affect fish or humans.

We ring-fenced peer review publications, looked through World Health Organisation reports and the company’s own health and safety hazard sheets to provide the relevant data.

Flexible enough to grow with your company

Need to focus on a different conference? Interested in a newly emerging technology? Your dashboard is tailored to you and can be expanded and tweaked. We can open up new mine shafts into data, mothball those no longer relevant and resurrect old ones.

See for yourself

Check out our demos of our website NLP Twitter mining dashboards for: