Who we are

Our small team of data scientists and business people focuses on creating and building the best NLP data solutions possible.

What we do

We turn vast quantities of unstructured text into precise, actionable insights. We supply clients on three continents. Find out the many ways effective data insight can transform your organisation.

A dependable member of your team

We solve your problems, provide a high-quality product and provide reliable support to growing organisations.

We are more than just a supplier. We see ourselves as a dependable member of your team, in tune with your goals and objectives working towards a successful outcome.

Bubbling with great ideas

Back in 2011 we were working with The Coca-Cola Company to improve their understanding of the existing knowledge within their business. This included scientific research hidden in distant files or mislabelled. They also wanted to find out external knowledge not currently within their grasp. As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

With more than 146,000 employees generating countless documents, there was simply too much for humans to process. External sources such as white papers and competitor news and reports just added to the pile.

We developed a unique way to read, sift and mine this electronic documentation. The Coca-Cola Company were delighted with the results. Since then we’ve been continually refining and adapting our text mining and Twitter mining solutions.

From forensic science to slicing up data

Our founder Steve Brewer’s first love is science. He has a degree in chemistry from the University of North London, now the London Metropolitan University. Steve then obtained a Masters in forensic science from the University of Strathclyde. He started working in the pharmaceutical industry, progressing to business development and innovation management.

For Steve, his forensic training means he thrives on analysis and breaking down the big picture into understandable chunks.

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Would you like to discuss how our team can help yours? We can develop personalised data visualization dashboards and more to match your needs.

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