Yorkshire Attitudes on Lockdown Lifting

Last week our text mining database had been scanning the Twittersphere for opinions discussing the lifting of UK lockdown restrictions. As ‘Freedom Day’ on June 21st was delayed due a surge in cases, the government has reached a new date as to when life should take a large step back to normality. July 19th is now the circled, highlighted, doodled date in every Brit’s calendar as we pray this may be the beginning of life post-COVID.

Focusing on the Yorkshire region, the majority of Twitter opinions seem to believe that it’s about time we live alongside COVID19 rather than hide from it. The main topics of discussion seem to revolve around the press and government’s failures, as well as the need for the public to simply adjust and innovate to suit the ‘new normal’.

Take a look for yourself at the most popular Twitter attitudes and let us know your thoughts.

Yorkshire Attitude to Lockdown Lifting