Tesla Dominates the bEV Newsfeed

From sophisticated battery innovation to the futuristic idea of driving with our eyes closed, in the world of battery electric vehicles, Twitter can’t get enough of Tesla.

Daily updates on our newsfeed are a constant reminder of the effect which the electric super brand is having on the automotive industry. The introduction of the Tesla Cybertruck caused quite a stir earlier this year, raising many eyebrows nonetheless exciting many innovators. Despite admitting the project lacked customer research and that the principal aim was to create the best vehicle for an apocalypse, pre-orders have since risen past 650,000.

Musk faces a constant race against competitors, such as Mercedes Benz and Toyota, yet Tesla consistently remains in pole position. Volkswagen has spoken openly about how Tesla has taken the lead in environmentally sustainable automotive software, even declaring the implementation of a “Tesla catch-up plan” to close the gap. In response, Musk advised that Tesla would be open to licensing software and supplying powertrains and batteries. He stated that their aim is to accelerate sustainable energy, rather than crush competitors.

To help make sense of these constant advances in the industry, at Text Mining Solutions we are producing weekly news bulletins which provide the most popular, and often most important, tweets which discuss current news in the bEV industry. Our software mines through thousands of tweets to select a refined handful which highlight the hottest industry-related conversations of the week.

Over the last five days, it was announced that Tesla, in collaboration with Panasonic, was working on vehicle batteries with a 20% increase in energy density. This surge in power could mean two things: (i) an increase in the range of vehicles without the need for bigger battery packs plus (ii) without any increase to the vehicle weight, improving performance, efficiency and range.

We can see from the bulletin how the industry reacts to Tesla’s strategy moves. Every step the company takes closer to sustainable innovation, competitors slowly but surely follow behind.

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