It’s not me, it’s you: What we are doing this year to make sure it’s all about our customers

As we roll our sleeves up on another year here at TMS, our customers are firmly in the spotlight.

Everything we do is about driving your success. And with data increasingly at the heart of success for smart-thinking organisations, we are in a great place to support you.

“Data now needs to have a permanent seat at your company’s executive table and be integral to every decision you make.” – Carmen Vicelich, founder and managing director of Data Insight.

Here are the three key areas that will put our customers firmly centre stage in 2018:

1. Being proactive, rather than reactive

Customer Success is a buzzword right now, as discussed in this great blog by Wynn Brown, Director of Customer Success at Seal Software. And sure, buzzwords come and go, but when it comes to Customer Success, there’s real meat on the bones to this one.

“Ultimately we view our role we fulfil for our clients not simply as a supplier but as a dependable member of their team in tune with their own goals and objectives helping to ensure mutual success.” – S Brewer, founder Text Mining Solutions

Customer Success is not the same as customer service. That’s a reactive way of supporting customers: you have a specific issue, we respond to it. Customer Success means we proactively ensure our customers achieve their desired outcome, using our technology and Customer Success will remain front and centre of our business philosophy this coming year. 

2. Cutting through the noise to drill down into what really matters to you

Social media is a pretty crowded party these days. You know there’s someone in the room who you really want to speak to – it’s a case of elbowing your way through and finding them.

At TMS, it’s a bit like gaining access to the calm of the VIP room. You’re straight to who and where you want to be. Our software leverages social media for key business insights, distilling the news and information that’s relevant to your particular business sector, shutting out the clutter and helping you to survive in the digital workspace.

3. Developing strategic partnerships that help tap into new markets and extend your reach well beyond your core activities

A major goal for most businesses is to grow their customer base. Partnerships have become a cornerstone for every company that wants to expand its reach.  When you partner with a software vendor, you open up a whole world of exciting new opportunities with businesses that were previously out of reach.

If your data isn’t being mined, it’s the richest untapped resource you have – and in today’s digital world it’s not overstating the fact that data is the key to your success.

We’re ready to support you and help your business to thrive, through the power of data.

The best way to truly understand how much we can do for your business is to talk to us about our solutions or get a free demo of our software.  I’d be delighted to talk to you.