bEV’s Latest Newcomer, so what did Twitter think?

The VW ID.3 is beginning to hit the streets across the UK as popularity for battery electric vehicles continues to soar. Boasting a 58kWh battery with a range of 260 miles, the car has already impressed the likes of Elon Musk, but do ever-present Twitter users agree?

Founder of Text Mining Solutions, Steve Brewer, has created this week’s bEV News Bulletin specifically looking into the launch of the VW ID.3 using text mining software to identify the key attitudes on Twitter towards VW’s latest launch.

With sentiment being rated from -5 to +5, from negative complaints to positive support, we can see exactly which elements of the new battery-electric vehicle caused quite the stir.

The majority of the most positive comments resided around the sentiment score of 3 and primarily discussed the excitement which the car brings to budding customers. With the ID.3 first being unveiled back in 2019, momentum has been escalating and for bEV enthusiasts, this launch is certainly a step in the right direction to a more sustainable future.

Elon Musk’s personal test drive of the VW earlier this month is still a hot topic, with the entrepreneur praising the ID.3. Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, has highly praised Musk as an innovator and visionary and thanked the Tesla CEO for pushing competitors to innovate and make more sustainable decisions. Diess’s appreciation and admiration for Musk’s technological advances have launched the ID.3 into the big league, meaning VW may only be a stone’s throw away from Tesla as the bEV industry leader.

If we turn the tables and take a look towards the negative sentiment scores, we see where the VW ID.3’s cracks begin to show. Twitter users claim the ID.3 is unmatched to the usual high standards of precision and quality of previous Volkswagen models. Some claim that the increase in competition and looming price wars attempt to justify the high price of the model. If the ID.3 is named a ‘luxury car’, does this automatically command a premium price? Followers are quick to demonstrate how electronic failures, paint botches and consumption issues do not align with the vehicle’s high price point.

As seen on the bEV bulletin, the 2021 Citroen electric C4 has just been thrown into the mix, suggesting a potential change in news bulletin dominance. Keep an eye on our regular bEV bulletins to see which electric battery vehicle will next take the crown.

With industries continuously innovating and consumer attitudes consistently adapting, Sentiment Analyses may expertly guide your future business strategies.

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