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Interested in providing expert advice to government on healthcare-associated infection, antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial and diagnostic stewardship? Apply for #aprhai membership Lay & experts -information packs are live on https://t.co/oALA9V9BMR. https://t.co/2IW17v2jhe https://t.co/2IW17v2jhe 27
My @TEDx talk on host-response diagnostics as a novel tool for fighting infections, #sepsis, and #AMR. Better diagnostics can help make sure doctors don`t guess when it comes to antibiotics! https://t.co/Lz9T3sYe8Q Please share! @Inflammatix_Inc @vkhosla @TEDxPaloAlto https://t.co/LvnEjpUFuS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRvhP2A0YtU 20
Just touched down in Mumbai for @BIRAC_2012 @longitude_prize accelerator programme & Boost Grants judging for our Indian teams developing #AMR diagnostics. Another dangerous K. Pneumoniae #superbug in India reported @Telegraph yesterday... #StopSuperbugs https://t.co/MTrAoqCHN8 https://t.co/MTrAoqCHN8 15
Calling all UK farm animal vets! Please take 15 mins to fill out this large-scale survey examining diagnostic practice & how this informs decisions to prescribe & use #antimicrobials. https://t.co/7vlydhtKfL @AmrDial @AMRForce #evidence #changeishere https://t.co/7vlydhtKfL 14
Congrats to the 5 finalists of the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Diagnostic Challenge! AMR is an increasing public health threat. This challenge aims to develop better, faster diagnostic tests. Winners will be announced in July 2020. https://t.co/12e4B7f5nN https://t.co/12e4B7f5nN 12
NEW 🔥 in OFID by @MayaBeganovic1 @TimbrookTT Predictors of time to effective and time to optimal antimicrobial therapy in patients with positive blood cultures identified via molecular rapid diagnostic testing https://t.co/SysftikMhn https://t.co/fITChYwnmt https://t.co/fITChYwnmt 11
Sadly....with existing home diagnostics &;amp; health system, this basically means Alexa will tell pt to go to an Urgent Care, and they will most likely get an unnecessary (and potentially harmful) chest X-ray, strep test, antibiotic, steroid, & inhaler. And a $370 bill, of course. https://t.co/O3S6v12Igh https://t.co/O3S6v12Igh 9
Trials of antibiotics were used as a diagnostic tool and to try to prevent hospital admission. Authors identify a need for guidelines and evidence for managing older patients in primary care. New in @BSACandJAC 📲 https://t.co/M0eXM4aLJD https://t.co/E2dkmO0Uhz https://t.co/E2dkmO0Uhz 8
Excellent insights from Prof @dipo_aboderin on new medicines, diagnostics and vaccines. Highlights shared from Prof @iruka_okeke ‘s book Divining without seeds, around diagnostic insufficiency. He also raised the key issues of Professional Turf wars. #RANAMRWorkshop #AMR https://t.co/EHn99bnddd https://t.co/EHn99bnddd 8
rapid diagnostic test @OpGen ...improvement in survival rate and reductions in antibiotic usage https://t.co/uGNl8N9VlW #AMR #WGS #FutureofWork #PrecisionMedicine #startup #technology #eHealth #IoT #AI #Bigdata #Blockchain #Cloud #cancer #sepsis #Healthcare #HealthTech #mHealth https://t.co/bQgKIZHvVa https://t.co/bQgKIZHvVa 5

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