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Model 3 mid-range EPA rating is actually 264 miles, slightly higher than prior estimate of 260 https://t.co/l4eCpTObAi https://t.co/l4eCpTObAi 323
Tesla Model X effortlessly tows a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 from a Supercharger stall in `De-ICE-ing` feat https://t.co/MZh7i… https://tinyurl.com/y8fs4xhp 202
Tesla Model 3 Year-Over-Year Sales Growth Outpaces Ford F-150 https://t.co/IhHNVNvYXf https://t.co/IhHNVNvYXf 193
U.S. Tesla Sales In December 2018 Up By 249% https://t.co/oX6SATDhYY https://t.co/OX2onKFR8W https://t.co/OX2onKFR8W 85
New red Tesla Semi electric truck prototype spotted in the wild https://t.co/GmcqXUUGSb by @fredericlambert https://t.co/Fs… https://t.co/GmcqXUUGSb 78
Adorable Tesla Model 3 reaction video highlights the excitement of first EV experiences https://t.co/WK82SFgPoV https://t.co/WK82SFgPoV 54
Anti-Tesla pickup truck drivers take over a Supercharger station again https://t.co/6ByFMtlVKV by @fredericlambert https://… https://t.co/6ByFMtlVKV 54
Tesla patent hints at more reliable batteries through ‘more robust and dynamic’ battery management system https://t.co/DKvVf… https://tinyurl.com/y7fcz625 52
Electric car sales grew by 40% in Norway this year https://t.co/sD2dM9oTBj by @fredericlambert https://t.co/yxzHrMBQK8 https://t.co/yxzHrMBQK8 43
Tesla surprisingly increases range of the Model 3 with Mid-Range battery https://t.co/qfCB2qWjaE by @fredericlambert https:… https://t.co/qfCB2qWjaE 42

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