Turning information into insight

Text Mining Solutions have developed an innovative process that enables vast amounts of text-based information to be analysed and made available to our customers in a flexible and interactive format.

Text Mining Solutions has designed a number of exclusive tools to improve the efficiency and value of text mining for our customers, including an all-new system for searching documents and result visualisation.

The Journey

Each project begins with an in-depth discussion of the questions to be addressed and the expected outcomes. These outcomes range from a one-off report to an on-going service for updates and data visualisation.

Our goal is to provide customers with the ability to improve business efficiency or gain other advantages through better use of available information.

The process of text mining can be applied in many situations to reveal insights not otherwise achievable. Although superficially similar to key word searching, text mining is a much more powerful technology able to retrieve the context in which search terms are being used, not simply the search term itself.