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Created At 2020-05-04
User Screen Name https://twitter.com/DISCRETEboi206
User Description Aspiring to be a QUANT... Sir James Simons (King of QUANTs) has broken the ice...BTW, I ❤ TECHNOLOGY...I ❤ MUSIC...I ❤ NATURE
Tweet Looking for the largest single-topic literature collection on #COVID19? Look no further! Check out @CovidScholar, a Lab designed #machinelearning tool, using text mining algorithms to scan scientific papers. @NERSC @KPatBerkeley @cedergroup @jmdagdelen https://t.co/FtYaTKY7Ny
User Name Qamardeen Abdul-Mateen
User Location Ife, Nigeria
Link URL https://t.co/FtYaTKY7Ny
Hashtag COVID19